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"Thankful" gift box

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Latin inspiration

This party platter is a delightful combination of traditional Latin American treats that will transport you to the heart of Latin America. This platter is perfect for those looking to experience a wide range of delicious flavors and textures.

Our homemade alfajores, piononos, and brownies are expertly crafted to create a harmonious blend of sweet and savory flavors. Each item is made with the finest ingredients and inspired by the rich culinary traditions of Latin America.

Whether you're looking for a snack to share with friends or a decadent dessert, the "Latin Inspiration" platter is a perfect choice. So why settle for one flavor when you can experience them all? Come and try our "Latin Inspiration" platter today and discover a whole new world of flavor and indulgence!

Servings: 25 units


  • Traditional alfajores
  • Piononos
  • Brownies