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Classic french pastries

Size: 4 tiers

Experience the taste of Parisian patisseries with our "Classic French Pastries" mini desserts pyramid! Each pyramid-shaped presentation is filled with a selection of exquisite French pastries that will transport you to the charming cafes of Paris.

Indulge in the delicate layers of flaky pastry, creamy fillings, and sweet toppings, all expertly crafted with the finest ingredients to create an authentic french taste experience. From macarons to sweet éclairs, this pyramid has something for everyone!


4 Tiers | 25-26 servings, aprox.

6 Tiers | 49-50 servings. aprox.


  • Opera cake
  • Financier with chocolate ganache
  • Caramel cream puff 
  • Choux praline
  • Chocolate eclair
  • Macaron