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Free shipping on orders over $200. Use code: +200ORDER

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Our story

Gigi's Baked Goods is a small bakery with a big heart. Its owner, Gigi, started the business with a simple goal: to bring everyone the warm and comforting feeling of homemade baking. Growing up in a home where baking was a family tradition, Gigi wanted to continue that tradition in her own way and share her passion with others.

At Gigi's Baked Goods, every day is a celebration of baked goods. From their delicious desserts to the savory appetizers and sandwiches platters, all of their baked goods are made from the freshest ingredients and freshly baked daily. Each bite is a taste of home and a reminder of the simple pleasures in life.

Our store

Visit Gigi's Baked Goods today and taste the love that goes into every bite.

Address: 290 lakeview ave. Clifton 07011. NJ.